Trump administration wants to separate this family

Elad Dvash-Banks, left, and his husband, Andrew, pose for photos with their twin sons, Ethan, center right, and Aiden in their LA apartment 

The U.S. State Department appealed a Ninth Circuit court decision granting birthright citizenship to Ethan Dvash-Banks, the child of a same-sex bi-national couple living in Los Angeles, California. The Trump administration is saying that a child born to an American father is not in fact American and shouldn’t be allowed on U.S. soil. If the administration gets its way, the Dvash-Banks family will effectively be torn apart.

A federal judge in Los Angeles ruled that the United States State Department was wrong to deny citizenship to the twin son of the married couple. The State Department had only conferred citizenship status to his twin brother Aiden.

Each boy was conceived with donor eggs and the sperm from a different father — one an American, the other an Israeli citizen — but born by the same surrogate mother minutes apart.

via Queerty