Nebraska surrogate gives birth to her son and his husband’s baby girl

Rachel Mummey for BuzzFeed News

When Matthew Eledge, 32, and Elliot Dougherty, 29, began considering IVF as an option for conceiving a child two years ago – Matthew’s 61-year-old mother offered to be their surrogate. She gave birth to her healthy granddaughter – Uma – Monday.

Cecile Eledge went through menopause 10 years ago, but a reproductive endocrinologist in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska identified her as a ‘suitable host.’ Elliot’s 26-year-old sister – already a mother herself – donated her eggs to the couple.

Doctors were stunned when Cecile was able to give birth naturally, instead of the C-section procedure they’d anticipated. 

via Omaha.com