LA LGBT Center publishes LGBT history lesson plans for California teachers under FAIR Education Act

The 2011 FAIR Education Act requires all California K-12 schools to integrate age appropriate, factual information about the roles and positive contributions of LGBT Americans and people with disabilities into their social studies and history classes. The Los Angeles LGBT Center has published the first batch of lesson plans for teachers online at lalgbtcenter.org/lgbthistory. The development of these Out for Safe Schools® lesson plans was made possible in part through the generous support of Toyota.

The lesson plans showcase a wide spectrum of topics, events, and individuals considered to be vital in LGBT history, such as civil rights activists Audre Lorde, Harvey Milk, and Bayard Rustin; the Black Cat Tavern Riots; the AIDS crisis; and the concept of “coming out.”

The lesson plans are the results of a collaboration among the Center, UCLA History-Geography Project, and the ONE Archives Foundation. In 2018 the three organizations hosted a week long symposium for a cohort of teachers from the Los Angeles area dedicated to designing LGBT lessons for U.S. History teachers.

via Instinct Magazine

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