Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black welcome first child

Olympic diver Tom Daley and film producer Dustin Lance Black have announced that their son Robert Ray was born this week in the US – via surrogate. The family lives in London – and married in May, 2017.

“Welcome to the world our precious little Robbie Ray Black-Daley. The most magical moment of my life,” Tom wrote on Instagram alongside a black and white show of the tiny tot’s feet. “The amount of love and joy you have brought into our life is immeasurable. Our precious son.”

via Mirror

Tom said both provided sperm to fertilize the donated eggs but they did not wish to know who the biological father of their son was.

“We found an egg donor and we are the sperm donors, we have fertilized half the eggs each. We put in a boy embryo and a girl embryo and we don’t know whose is whose. The next time we will do it the other way around.”

Dustin previously admitted that he was upset by the reaction to news of their surrogacy from people in the UK and said that the public in the US had been much more supportive.

He explained: “In the US, where we’ve been working with our surrogate, the reception was incredibly warm, with almost no exception. But in the UK, we heard things that weren’t so friendly. Maybe because there are misconceptions about surrogacy here.”

Tom Daley is a British diver. He specializes in the 10-meter platform event and is a double World Champion in the event; he won the 2009 FINA World Championship in the individual event at the age of 15, before regaining it in 2017. He was the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist in the event.

Dustin Lance Black is a screenwriter, director, film and television producer. He grew up in a Mormon household, first in San Antonio, Texas, and later Salinas, California. Dustin won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2008, for Milk.