Fighting against a discriminatory adoption bill

Civil rights organizations have been racing into action to stop an amendment to a federal spending bill would allow child welfare agencies, even those that receive government funds, a “license to discriminate” against prospective parents who offend their religious beliefs. The amendment was voted into the bill by the U.S. House Appropriations Committee.

via Advocate

“We have been working extremely actively both on the national level and in the states to fight this effort. It’s really, really important for people to immediately call their representatives and senators and say this must be stripped out of any House Appropriations Bill and must not be added to any Senate Appropriations Bill,” said Julie Kruse of the Family Equality Council. “This is a poison pill amendment. It is an authorization bill that has no business being in an appropriations bill. It needs to come out of the House and stay out of the Senate and stay out of any final bill. It’s extremely dangerous.”

The Family Equality Council has partnered with organizations such as Lambda Legal and PFLAG to create the Every Child Deserves a Family campaign. The campaign is over 400 members strong and is working with LGBT and other civil rights organizations as well as businesses to fight this amendment on the state and federal level.