Amy from Missouri asks: “Any advice for family of a 7-year-old with many questions?”

I remember when I was that small I had a hard time relaxing because not every family was structured the same way as mine. I didn’t know having two dads or two moms could be seen as “weird” or “different”.

My advice would be to tell her or him that you should be proud of your family, not ashamed. You shouldn’t be scared about what your friends, teachers or coaches will think. You have such an amazing family and you are sooooo lucky. When you do have questions – and you will – just ask your parents. They should explain everything.

You don’t have to go through your questions alone. My advice to the parents would be not hide anything from your kid(s). If they have questions about their birth, or parents who aren’t present in their world – answer them – because if you hide something they can tell and secrets could lead to your children believing their family isn’t as beautiful as it is.