A single father of two reacts to a hate crime

Michael Carroll Quinton returned to his home in Jefferson County, Tennessee to find his family car destroyed. He contacted the City office in his small town. This is the nightmare of every LGBT parent, and now Michael’s doing what every good parent would do – he’s being strong for his two young sons.

Michael’s insurance company decided the car is totaled at $14,000 and the balance with the car’s finance company is $5,000. The family will be struggling to get another vehicle along getting some other debts.

He writes:

A flood of emotions since getting home from work.

It’s just a car right?!? Do we still live in an era that things like this happen?!?

I’ve racked my brain asking why? Why me? Why us? What did I possibly do to deserve this? Who the hell have I pissed off so bad that would lash out literally??

This was our car! The first vehicle I signed for all by myself! The newest prettiest girl I’d ever seen.

The vehicle that took us on vacations, and road trips galore. Don’t think for one moment this will tarnish the memories made! I believe Dolly will be fixed.

Who spells faggot….. fagot? Doesn’t most everyone have access to spell check with their phone? I mean come on!!!

I hope this resolved whatever hurt you have inside.

I would like to think I wear my heart on my sleeve. Ive always went above and beyond to help anyone I can with anything I can. What did I do to warrant such hate?

I’ve spent most of my adult life open with who I am. I have zero shame being gay. My lifestyle has never defined my character. Your illiteracy doesn’t scare me. It makes me sad, very sad for you.

It encourages me that I am stronger than ever. It reminds me again and again as I sit here looking at the car, now more than ever I have to be my children’s protector.

It tells me that there is still a fight needed for my community.

I won’t be angry. I won’t be sad. I won’t be discouraged. At the end of it all love will win, and I will never stop loving.