A surrogate’s story: “I wanted to give people the joy I have with my kids”

Cassie Lake (29), from New South Wales, wanted to share the joys of parenthood after having a family of her own – so she started helping families by donating her eggs, and eventually, she became a surrogate for a same-sex couple.

via Daily Mail

‘Surrogacy was always something I wanted to do for as long as I can remember but it was never the right time,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

She joined the Egg Donation Australia Facebook group where she met Christian and Juan. The dads were already parents to baby son Anxo, who was born in Mexico via a surrogate.

‘I fell in love with them instantly,’ Cassie said.

The couple wanted to give their son a sibling so Cassie reached out on social media.

Under surrogacy arrangements in Australia, surrogates cannot receive financial compensation for carrying someone else’s child.

‘It’s illegal to be compensated financially for carrying the baby – but the surrogate can get their medical and pregnancy related expenses paid for,’ she said.

Image via Cassie Lake