Minnesota family receives letter threatening their lives

A same-sex couple in St. Peter, Minnesota have shared with authorities an anonymous, typed letter they received in the mail threatening their lives. Part of the letter says, “I would be looking behind my back if I were you…you never know what might happen. We need to eliminate your FAGGOT ASS, all of you! You never know, your house could be torched, a gun could be used to eliminate you, you just never know, you God Damn FAGGOTS.”

via The New Civil Rights Movement

“Oh, and your poor daughter!” the letter continues. “She must be so embarrassed. She needs to look behind her back also…I know where she goes to school!”

The Mankato Free Press notes the women preferred to remain anonymous. The paper has published a copy of the letter.

“St. Peter police are investigating the letter as a possible crime,” Police Chief Matt Peters says.

Proud Parenting is fundraising for a family in Oklahoma who lost everything in a house fire, after being threatened by their neighbors. You can donate to the cause at: GoFundMe.com