The Outspoken Generation: “I had two gay dads decades before it was cool”

You may have read Lindsey Steinert’s recent story on the Huffington Post, I Had Two Gay Dads Decades Before It Was ‘Cool’. Now she is the newest member of the Outspoken Generation – Family Equality Council’s program that connects people who have LGBTQ parents with opportunities to speak out.

Lindsey Steinert is a New York-based actor, writer and ally. Her dads have been together for 40 years making Lindsey among the first generation of children with openly gay parents. After spending the first 11 years of her life in Manhattan, New York, Lindsey’s dads moved her and her 4 younger siblings (consisting of 2 sets of twins!) to San Diego, California. Upon recognizing the lack of resources offered to kids like her, Lindsey created “My Family Matters,” the first workshop for children of same-sex parents which she moderated through the San Diego LGBT Center.

In 2014 Lindsey wrote “Upstream Swimming,” the first known one-woman show to be written and performed by a child of same-sex parents. The show, which chronicles her upbringing and her life in general, was named a “Best Seller” at the United Solo Theatre Festival, and a TimeOut New York “Critics’ Pick.”

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via Family Equality