A 17-year-old is about to make history as a proudly gay football player

My-King Johnson, from Arizona, will become the first openly gay scholarship player in big-time college football history.

But being an openly gay football player isn’t new to him – because he came out at the age of 12!

“It can put a target on my back,” Johnson told the Arizona Daily Star. “But whatever.”

“I’m a very honest person,” he told the newspaper.

“I just don’t see how I could be living an honest, truthful life and have that in the background.”

“I love how open he is,” a teammate says.

“He doesn’t care because he’s focused on what he’s doing, and he’s focused on himself.

“Clearly, it shouldn’t affect anyone else, but no matter what, he doesn’t care about that. It doesn’t bother him one bit.”

via Pink News