Promised Land

In a Kingdom where all are considered equal, regardless of what they look like or who they love, Promised Land is a new fairytale about friendship, responsibility, adventure and love.

The stunning book is a new illustrated children’s book written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris – featuring 32 stunning full color illustrations by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore.

The authors gained global media attention through successful Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of illustrating and printing the first edition thanks to Printivity printing company.

In Promised Land, a young Prince and a farm boy meet in the forest and their newfound friendship blossoms into love. However, when the Queen re-marries, her sinister new husband seeks control of the Enchanted Forest and the land the farm boy’s family are responsible for protecting.

The book also includes a map of the Kingdom of Valeria, where the story takes place, which features locations named after LGBTQ civil rights leaders and iconic figures in the fight for equality.

There’s “Shepard’s Bay,” in honor of Matthew Shepard – who was murdered in 1998 for being gay – as well as “Rivera Ranges,” in honor of the late transgender activist Sylvia Rivera, among others.

via Upworthy