Young girl takes on Australian Prime Minister over marriage equality

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Australia, an 11-year-old girl has blasted Malcolm Turnbull’s same-sex marriage plebiscite (call for vote) as a waste of resources that could be directed elsewhere.

Isabella Mills, who has two moms (pictured), says the Australian public has already expressed their views on the matter and “made it quite clear they want same-sex marriage for Australia.” She also says the vote will be a “complete waste of time and money”, and it will “most certainly fracture some of the positive views that people have about” Mr Turnbull.

She criticizes his decision to spend $160 million that is “totally unnecessary” – and suggests that he re-direct the funds to a more worthy cause, such as homeless people.

“I may not be the Prime Minister, but even I know that Australians can use that money elsewhere.”

“If an 11-year-old girl can see that, why can’t you?”

She ends the letter with: “You may be fooling the rest of the public, but you are NOT fooling me.”

Daily Mail