TeenShield releases discreet parental monitoring system for a dangerous online world

TeenShield Logo (PRNewsFoto/Retina-X Studios)
Retina-X Studios, the provider of child monitoring solutions since 2003, announces a sophisticated new service TeenShield for parents to track their child’s iPhone and Android smartphone and tablet activities to protect them from a dangerous online world. The system is used to combat cyberbullying, sexting, dangerous meet-ups, tech addiction and sextortion.

The system allows parents to discreetly monitor their child’s incoming and outgoing text messages, iMessages including deleted messages, GPS locations, photos, contacts, browser histories and more from a secure online control panel. Parents can also block applications and websites from being accessible on the monitored device. This gives parents the tools they need to ensure their child’s safety from a plethora of high-tech dangers.

“A smartphone is not the phone parents had in their bedrooms as a teenager. Online predators and pedophiles preying on teenage children also use smartphone apps to try and find their next victim,” said Sean Featherstone, COO of Retina-X Studios. “Parents have a right to monitor their minor child of whom they have legal guardianship, with or without their child’s knowledge. It is sometimes the only way a parent can protect their child by making sure their child is not performing illicit activities or risky behavior.”

Today’s teenagers are subject to new electronic dangers which their parents did not experience. Cyberbullying and harassment online can affect a child’s well-being and one in three children surveyed at a middle school in the Midwest have suffered from cyberbullying. Online predators preying on teenage children also use smartphone apps to try and find their next victim. Sexting is also prevalent and can ruin a child’s future. As parents themselves, TeenShield’s team aims to help other parents protect their children from these dangers, among many others.

TeenShield is a culmination of over 12 years of parental control software by Retina-X to keep kids safe while using technology. After introducing the world’s first parental monitoring software for iPhone, iPad and Android, Retina-X Studios continued innovating and released the first software for parents to monitor iOS devices without needing to jailbreak the device. Over a decade of technology has gone into creating TeenShield to ensure parents have a dependable way to protect their child.

“The immense power a child holds in their hands with a smartphone is uncanny,” said Craig Thompson, Spokesperson for Retina-X Studios. “With great power comes great responsibility. With great responsibility comes the need for oversight. A parent should not allow their child unfettered access to the Internet and smartphone apps. There are many dangers which will find their child, no matter if their child is looking for the dangers or not. It’s better to be protected beforehand.”

While TeenShield can work discreetly, Retina-X Studios recommends that the parent communicate with their child to explain rules about the smartphone or tablet and let their child know they are monitoring for their safety before giving their child a device. TeenShield takes about 10 minutes to setup and uses 256-bit encryption on a SSL secured website. There is no app needed on iPhone and iPad devices. For Android, a small app is installed by the parent. The service is priced at $13.95 per month.

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