Catholic newspaper names same-sex marriage plaintiffs ‘Persons Of The Year’

The National Catholic Reporter has named two of the men at the center of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage case its “Persons Of The Year.”

Greg Bourke and Michael DeLeon (pictured) were two of the several plaintiffs in the case Obergefell v. Hodges. Eventually, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of these couples and legalized marriage equality nationwide.

“Bourke and DeLeon are emblematic of this major challenge facing the church today, because they force us to ask not how will we live out a hypothetical situation, but how will we live with Greg and Michael. They give flesh to an abstraction,” the National Catholic Reporter wrote in an editorial.

“The answers the church is giving now are con­fused, uneven and often cruel,” it added. “Greg and Michael – and countless gay, lesbian and transgender Catholics – deserve better.”

The National Catholic Reporter is an independent weekly paper that covers topics related to the Catholic Church, and has long called for the church to be more accepting of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. Last year, Pope Francis received the Reporter’s “person of the year” honor. Other past honorees include Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who was in the minority in Obergefell, opposing legalized same-sex marriage.

via NCR