Single mom voted the first openly-gay person to be elected as mayor of Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake City voters elected Jackie Biskupski as Utah’s first openly gay city mayor and only the second female top executive in the capital city.

A single mom with an adopted son, Archie, 5, Biskupski says she plans to celebrate her victory by fulfilling her son’s wish: to visit his grandpa back home in Hastings.

“I thought he might want to go to Disneyland,” she says, “but he wants to visit his grandpa. So we’ll do that and have a little fun, then begin the hard work.”

Utah Sen. Jim Dabakis, D-Salt Lake City, also an openly gay politician, said the election was history in the making.

“Generations of LGBT people could’ve only dreamed of this,” he said. “Jackie is now an iconic gay leader. This is a great moment for Salt Lake City — we’re not the stereotype people across the country think we are.”

Born in Hastings, Minnesota of Polish-American descent, Biskupski earned a criminal justice B.S. from Arizona State University. More than 25-years ago Jackie visited Utah on a ski trip and never left. Like so many people, Jackie fell in love with Salt Lake City’s natural beauty, proximity to the outdoors, the warmth of the people, and the overall quality of life.

via People.com
photo: Jackie For Salt Lake City Mayor