Congratulations to our BabyBjörn US contest winners!


Did you know? The intensity of the bonding process is greatest during baby’s first year. Good bonding is important and lets your child know they have someone caring and supportive in their life. BabyBjörn believes in the power of bonding, and believes baby carriers are an amazing way to promote bonding between you and your babies.

This was an awesome time for us. We put the timer on the camera and forgot about it, so it could catch it’s own moments. We sat on the couch in awe just staring at our little blessing. She has brought so much joy to our marriage and to our family. – Yvonne, Tiffany, & Zoe Doll


This picture was taken right after we got home after a 23-hour trip back to Barcelona, Spain from California. We arrived home and we were all so tired that the first thing we did was lay down in the bed. And our friend Jonathan, was the one who captured this moment of extreme happiness and tiredness. We heard “Hey! Let me immortalize this unique moment. You are 4 and you are home!” This picture means a lot to us, since it is the symbol of the end of a journey that started 15 months earlier, when we decided to have our second child through surrogacy. An amazing journey that has made us and our older son Joseph very, very happy. – Dad is Luis, Daddy is Juan Marcos, Big Brother is Joseph (7) & we are happy to present Jake!


Eli’s 3rd birthday party did not quite work out as planned. Baby Emmett was due the day before Eli’s birthday, so we planned the party a couple of weeks before his birthday assuming baby Emmett would be late like his brother. Baby Emmett came early and we had to move the party. With so much uncertainty of the date and Emmett being only a week old, the party ended up just being the four of us plus an old friend with her daughter. The cake was a spiderman cake actually made of chocolate & white cupcakes. Even though it was small, Eli had a blast! – Terra, Angela, Eli, & Emmett – from Tuscaloosa, Alabama


My sister was visiting and we decided to have dinner at a beautiful and favorite Cuban restaurant. It’s situated on the side of a hill looking over the San Gabriel Valley. The grounds are expansive and make for great photo opportunities. We had taken some pics and headed into the restaurant when we threw the kids on our shoulders. My sister snapped this quick! It wasn’t until we got back to our table that we realized how cool and special it was. This really photo depicts us well. We are a very active, fun, and jovial family. – Jason, Manuel, Mason (2.5) & Miranda (10 mo.) Willoughby from Pasadena, California


This is my family of three on our first vacation to Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks. My daughter is 7 months old and loves the ocean. We all wore our matching hoodies and wanted to capture our moment as a family with the ocean behind us. My name is Sherrie, I’m on the right. My wife’s name is Deb and our daughter is JoCee ReAnn.