Heidi: “I think everyone deserves a chance to have a family.”


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Heidi Grosser probably first heard about surrogacy on an episode of “Oprah.” It wasn’t something to which she gave any thought. But then she met a woman at bunco night who was a gestational surrogate, pregnant for the third time, carrying a baby genetically unrelated to her.

“I got totally teary-eyed,” Heidi says. “I thought it was amazing.”

She talked to her husband, Jeremy, and he suggested she look into it. By the time he got home from work the next day, she had filled out an application online. They had been married for 11 years. He knew that once she set her mind to something, she would do it.

“I think everyone deserves a chance to have a family,” Heidi says.

The Arizona Chronicle ran a human interest piece featuring the 2010 triplet pregnancy of Growing Generations surrogate Heidi Grosser and her intended parents Aaron Bell and Sid Cuecha. The story beautifully recounts the entire process from match to birth and beyond. The story paints surrogacy, even in high risk situations, as an emotional and positive experience.

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