Anti-LGBT adoption bill in Florida could leave thousands in foster care

National child welfare advocates held a joint press conference to speak out against Florida’s so-called Indiana-style bill that’s been moving rapidly through the House that would allow private adoption agencies to turn down applications for adoption based solely on the agencies’ religious beliefs. This would allow the agencies to legally specifically turn down gay couples looking to adopt.

As written, the bill offers up a so-called “conscience protection” via “religious or moral convictions,” and while it doesn’t specifically mention same-sex couples, the wording in it means that agencies could turn down families based on martial status, as well as political orientation, religion, and sexual orientation.

Nadine Smith of Equality Florida says the bill is worse than the Indiana-style bill it’s been compared to. “It’s worse than what was proposed in Indiana, in part because it’s tax-payer funded,” she said. “It puts the for-profit agency’s needs ahead of the children’s.”

via New Times