4 years after it became legal Denmark gets first overseas adoption by a same-sex couple

A Danish couple have adopted a nine-month-old South African girl, making them the first same-sex couple in Denmark to legally adopt a child from another country.

Same-sex couples have been allowed to adopt as couples since 2010 in Denmark. However few countries allow overseas adoptions by same-sex couples so it is not until now that the first overseas adoption by a Danish gay couple has occurred.


“Previously we had resigned ourselves to the idea that it is virtually impossible for homosexuals to adopt [overseas],” said Søren Laursen, head of Denmark’s national LGBTI association.

“This shows that we may have been wrong and gives us reason to consider the possibility with a bit more optimism.”

Denmark’s Equality Minister Manu Sareen said that he hoped more gay and lesbian couples will now be able to adopt children from overseas.

“I hope that more couples are allowed to experience the great joy of being parents and to giving a child a good life.”

via Gay Star News