The global route to surrogacy


Surrogacy in India can cost between $20,000 to $60,000, depending on the types of services and the clinic. This is a major savings compared to surrogacy in the United States, which can cost around $100,000. However, the amount of work involved can be overwhelming.

World of Surrogacy consults in surrogacy services. Since 2010, the company’s helped more than 600 couples build their families.

Last year, the country introduced a new surrogacy visa, exclusively available to heterosexual couples that had been married for at least two years.

In the face of those new restrictions, World of Surrogacy has had to get more creative to help gay couples. For example, it’s bringing together people from five cities on three continents to get Etz Botes and Tony Johnson their baby.

Botes and Johnson live in Florida; their egg donor, a friend who lives in London, will undergo the procedure in New York, the surrogate lives in India; and the delivery will take place in Nepal.

“The village is global, so this feels just like we’re going to another place that’s right in our backyard. It happens to require a few more plane rides,” Botes explained.

via Al Jazeera America