The incredible true story of a couple who adopted 12 special needs children


Heidi Horner Raffaele, 52, and Karla Horner Raffaele, 44, of Sitka, Alaska, are both teachers whose love for children is abundantly apparent.

“Both Karla and I are healthy and could have given birth to our own children,” explained Heidi. “But because we are teachers and had known so many foster children that were struggling and living in such difficult situations, we were overjoyed when — about 18 years ago — a local social worker asked us to take our first foster child. Today, we have a magnificent family like no other and we are very proud parents of 12 amazing children.”

The children range in age from 8 to 24, and they keep Heidi and Karla on their toes. The couple’s home is designated as a therapeutic foster home. All of the children have special needs and have experienced great struggles in their early lives.

Sitka, Alaska, an island town of less than 10,000 residents that is only accessible by boat or plane.

via RaiseAChild.US & HuffPo