Help for children stuck in Putin’s adoption ban

Filmmaker Sarah McCarthy follows three of the last children to be adopted into America before an adoption ban was passed by President Vladimir Putin on Jan 1st 2013. Her documentary feature film THE DARK MATTER OF LOVE, intends to raise the profile of the 300 children who remain in Russian orphanages despite having met and bonded with their adoptive American parents.

Because of the press around the film, a Canadian family has started the process of adopting a child currently stuck in the ban. Her American mother is helping the Canadian family through the process – even though she’s devastated she won’t be bringing her child home, she’s delighted her little girl will find a family.

Canadian parents are still eligible to adopt although there are fears that access might also be severed especially as Canadian-Russian relations deteriorate over Russia’s harsh anti-gay stance preceding the Sochi Olympic Games.

The film’s Toronto International Film Festival screening has become an opportunity for American parents to appeal to Canadian families to adopt the children they no longer can.