The kids are alright: Teens of lesbian parents excel at school

The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family (NLLF) survey revealed that the 38 boys and 38 girls with lesbian moms achieved top grades at school, with nearly all planning to go on to higher education. The 17-year-olds surveyed viewed their parents as role models and were also found to be happier than most US kids, with strong family bonds and an open-minded outlook to life leading to well-adjusted behavior.

Nanette Gartrell, MD, Principal Investiator of the study said in a statement: “These kids were planned and their lesbian mothers were very engaged in parenting. At the end of high school, the teens tell us that they have excellent grades, feel connected to their families and friends, and admire their parents. As a psychiatrist, I can say that these are the types of childrearing outcomes that every parent hopes for.”

[via Gay Star News]