Another gay couple adopt and they happen to be King penguins

Denmark’s Odense Zoo keepers realized two of their male King penguins were a couple. The keepers tested the penguins’ parenting skills, then gave them an abandoned egg. They were “natural parents.”

The couple incubated it – and the chick hatched in the Fall. The new family remains separated from the colony while they bond but will soon rejoin them. Penguins recognize their offspring by their distinctive cries, indistinguishable to humans, and this trio are no different.

In captivity, however, the Odense pair are a first King penguins as gay adoptive dads, she said. Not the first gay penguin parents, though.

The story of a pair of male Chinstrap penguins at Central Park Zoo in New York City who adopted and reared an egg was told in the book “And Tango Makes Three.” A German zoo helped two gay Humbolt penguins hatch and nurture an egg.

[via thestar.com]