New York City recruits LGBTQ and affirming foster, adoptive parents

New York City is reaching out to same-sex married couples as potential foster and adoptive parents. As of April 2012, 1600 children need to be adopted in NYC. The City recently offered an information panel called Recruiting LGBTQ and Affirming Foster Parents. With the passing of the same-sex marriage law, many more couples can now be considered as potential parents and solve a huge crisis for hundreds of New York City kids who need homes, according to child advocate officials.

The NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) has stepped up its efforts to help same-sex married couples and LGBTQ youth. Improvements include: development of an ACS LGBTQ Strategic Plan, creating a transgender non-conforming Best Practices Guide, involvement with LGBTQ-NYC Family Court Advocacy Committees and more.

[via Examiner]