GM’s Chevy Volt reaches out to gay and lesbian car buyers

“Whatever revs your engine, we support you 100%,” so says a recent ad for Chevy’s Volt. The ad also includes a parallel to coming out of the closet – with a caption above the Volt pictured in the ad that proclaims: Mom, Dad: I’m electric.

“If it’s a manufacturer’s desire to bring in wealthier, better-educated, younger customers, then the lesbian and gay market would be an avenue to that demographic,” said Chris Travell, vice president of consulting for Maritz Research, which surveyed 200,000 consumers in 2011 and found that gay and lesbian households made 10% more money.

On a related note, a GM plant in Ft. Wayne, Ind., recently flew a rainbow flag to show its support for gay rights.

[via freep.com]