Eagle Scout Zach Wahls will challenge the banning policy at huge 100th Anniversary Celebration of Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout and son of two moms, Zach Wahls (pic), will attend the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scouts, in Michigan, this month. Wahls will attend the conference, as an Eagle Scout, to mobilize current scouts and scout leaders to support an end to the anti-gay ban.

“Meanwhile, the media has overlooked some big news…, in which Minnesota’s Northern Star Council — the state’s largest BSA unit of over 75,000 members – affirmed its policy of full inclusion for gay scouts and scout leaders,” said Wahls. “Scouts for Equality a group I founded for current and former members of the BSA opposed to this policy, will continue to organize and mobilize units like the Northern Star Council across the country to adopt policies of full inclusion,…”

“No secret committee is going to silence the thousands of scouts and scout leaders who want to see an end to this anti-gay policy. We will continue to mobilize grassroots support from Eagle Scouts and others to transform scouting into an inclusive organization that values fairness and equality,” said Wahls, who recently wrote a book called “My Two Moms,” using values taught to him by the Boy Scouts as frames for each chapter.

[via change.org]