UK moms give birth to half brother and sister by same sperm donor

England’s Kirsty Cox and Anna Jones have become mothers via artificial insemination at their home – with help from the same sperm donor. The married couple are bringing up three-month-old Scarlett Marie and Alfie. The babies were conceived just two weeks apart with the help of a friend, who visited their home to make the donations. Anna, 27, said: “We are over the moon. We have two beautiful babies and we’re a really happy family. We never thought we would have children at all but now we’ve been blessed with a family and we can’t thank Nick (donor) enough for what he has done and for what he has given us.” Anna and Kirsty, 23, who were married in June 2010, were not prepared to have IVF due to the expense. Nick says, “Although I don’t see myself as their dad, I adore the babies and I intend to be part of their lives forever. I never imagined I’d have a child, and I never knew I’d have so much love for them.”

[via Mail Online]

Image: Ken McKay / Rex Features