Zach Wahls: “My Two Moms”

From Zach Wahls: “Wow. YouTube said that more people watched me speak about my two moms than any other political video this year. More than 18 million people in total! Testifying before Iowa’s state legislature was the best way I knew to fight back against attempts to codify discrimination into our state constitution and protect my moms’ marriage. But I never imagined that my speech would touch a chord with so many people. Frankly, I’ve been overwhelmed and humbled. And most importantly, I’ve been inspired that so many strangers care about protecting my family and families like mine. So to spread that inspiration this holiday season, MoveOn members have joined me in creating a new online project: Love Makes a Family. Hundreds of families of all stripes have sent in Love Makes a Family holiday photos and we’ve put together a great video featuring them. I’m strong enough to admit that I choked up a little watching it.

One of the things that I have learned along this amazing journey is how simple acts like sharing a video have a huge effect on people. I’ve gotten so many emails from people who saw my speech and were moved so much by it that they changed their perspective on marriage equality. Simply put, love opened their hearts.

Thanks for spreading love this holiday season.

Zach Wahls