CT Fertility launches “The Greatest Gift of All” campaign encouraging embryo donations

For the first time this campaign also targets many of the clinic’s same-sex parents, for whom regulatory obstacles previously made the process of donating unused embryos close to impossible. The clinic streamlined the logistics and regulatory compliance process and instituted a non-anonymous donation option that for the first time opens the door to donations from gay parents, and makes the process easier for all…

To overcome a chronic shortage of donated embryos, CT Fertility has launched a holiday-season campaign to encourage parents who have multiple embryos in storage to donate them to prospective parents in need. In letters to hundreds of its clients that together have more than 3500 embryos in deep freeze, they are urged to “donate your unused embryos to someone who is currently facing the emotional, financial and physical hurdles which you yourself might recall experiencing.” Parenting with the help of donated embryos (sometimes referred to as “embryo adoption”) is a safe and affordable option often considered by couples after multiple attempts to have their own biological children, and single women who have no viable eggs of their own.

Article adapted by Proud Parenting from original press release