Duke University students work for marriage equality

The student-run newspaper of Duke community includes an editorial piece which urges students to take voter action against marriage inequality in North Carolina. “As students, it is time that we take increased action to supplement our declarations of activism… Duke students are eligible to register in North Carolina, as state law requires only 30 days of residency prior to casting a vote here. Out-of-state students willing to transfer their voter registration should do so in anticipation of the DOMA vote… To increase voter turnout, Duke administrators should establish a voting site on campus as they have done in previous years. If voting space were designated on campus, student participation in the vote would surely increase… As a generation, we are more progressive than our precursors, and our age demographic will be pivotal in striking down DOMA. In this instance, failure to vote is not synonymous with inaction; instead, it is equivalent to complicitly accepting a new, harmful law.”

[via The Chronicle]