Controversy surrounds New Jersey bridal shop owner who turned away a lesbian customer

After turning away a lesbian from her bridal store, and saying gay is wrong, a shame, and illegal, Donna Saber owner of Here Comes the Bride in NJ, has been caught in a storm of worldwide controversy. Two weeks ago, Alix Genter [pic] of NJ, along with family and friends, went wedding dress shopping at the store. Before leaving, Genter filled out a brief form with information about the dress, her contact information and a space for a groom’s name. Alix crossed-out “groom” and wrote in “partner” with the name Alison filled the blank.

On Aug. 16, Genter posted the following comments on Yelp, a Web-based review site: Donna, the woman in charge at Here Comes the Bride, refused to sell me a dress because I am gay.” Yelp soon had 900 some negative comments about the bridal store before the site started trimming the most offensive.

Now media is constantly calling the shop for interviews, including news outlets from London, Canada, ABC, and the Los Angeles Times. People also call her phone number to berate, curse or threaten her. She has 700 unread emails.

[via West Deptford, NJ Patch]