Iowa should include both moms on birth certificate

Heather Martin Gartner (39) and Melissa McCoy Gartner (40) of Des Moines are suing to have both their names included on their child’s birth certificate. The couple said they believed that since they were married, both their names would be listed on the child’s birth certificate.

Heather’s given birth to two children via anonymous donor during the relationship. The Gartners did not adopt their most recent child, because they legally married in Polk County three months before the girl’s birth.

Of eleven states that recognize gay unions, only Iowa prohibits same-sex couples to be listed as parents on birth certificates.

The Iowa Department of Public Health last year defended its decision to not list Melissa’s name on the birth certificate by arguing state law only allows the name of a husband to accompany the mother’s name on birth certificates.

via Des Moines Register