CELEBRATE! Baby trapped in Ukraine 2 years is reunited with his gay dads in Poland

Samuel Ghilain, born 2 years ago to a surrogate in Ukraine, has been unable to leave that country and join his fathers. He’s been trapped more than two years in Ukraine but reunited Saturday with his parents, two legally married Belgian men, after flying into Poland.

Peter Meurrens, one of the pair, confirmed to the AP in a text that Samuel Ghilain had arrived in Warsaw and was with Meurrens and Laurent Ghilain [both pictured].

Meurrens and Ghilain cradled Samuel in their arms shortly after his birth and saw him a number of times after that. But they have been unable to travel to Ukraine since March 2010, when in desperation they attempted to smuggle the baby out of the country and failed. They have not seen the boy since then.

[via AP]

WATCH the reunion (in French):