Lesbians in U.K. seeking IVF treatment

The law which said that every child needs a father has been relaxed in the UK, so there’s been a rapid increase in the number of lesbian couples using IVF treatment. The same trend has also been noticed in single women.

Records show the number of lesbian couples seeking IVF has doubled and the rise has tripled among single women. In 2009, 350 lesbian couples underwent the treatment – in ’07, the number was 176. As for the single women, the rise has been from 347 in ’07 to 1,070 in ’09.

The data that was collected and analyzed by The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Sperm donor activity has not increased. Changes in French law have allowed for either two mothers or two fathers to be listed on a baby’s birth certificate.

(Image via Cherry Grrl)