Lesbian couple dies in car crash

Longtime partners Ina Mae Murri and Stella Lopez-Armijo died within moments of one another on Saturday, July 17 in southeast Idaho near Preston after they were involved in a car accident. The women were together for more than 35 years and were pioneers in recognition for lesbian mothers as well as role models for many in the LGBT community. They met at a Pride Parade in San Francisco 35 years ago.

Ms. Murri is survived by her son Eric Sanders of Hawaii; and several siblings. Ms. Lopez-Armijo is survived by her children, Victoria Richie, Catherine Horten, Christel Cantlin, and Harry Horten III. Both women are also survived by several grandchildren and a couple of great-grandchildren.

Ms. Murri, who was 75, was driving to a family reunion when she suffered a massive heart attack and died at the wheel. In a heroic and courageous act, Ms. Lopez-Armijo, who was 76, grabbed the wheel and drove into a pickup truck to avoid pedestrians. She died en route to the hospital. Police said that the driver of the pickup was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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