Leader of Family Equality Council invites Republican gubernatorial candidate to family dinner

Georgia Republican gubernatorial primary candidate Karen Handel recently said gay parenting is not “in the best interest of the child.” Handel admitted in an interview she does not know any gay parents, so she’s been invited to share a family dinner with executive director of Family Equality Council – Jennifer Chrisler.

Chrisler points out in an editorial for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that’s it’s common to fear that which you do not know. Karen Handel also stated she would outlaw gay adoptions.

Chrisler says: “We invite her to dinner to meet us and our children, to get a glimpse into life as a gay family. If she cares enough about children waiting for homes she will say yes. She will say yes to experiencing a typical family meal, yes to witnessing love and yes to probably some spilled spaghetti on the floor.”