Melissa Etheridge’s ex files for full custody

Melissa Etheridge’s baby mama, Tammy Lynn Michaels, has filed legal docs asking for full custody of their twin children. According to TMZ Tammy is asking for full legal and physical custody – along with spousal support. She carried the twins to term, after being impregnated by an anonymous sperm donor. In Melissa’s docs, she filed for joint legal and physical custody.

Tammy, just like Melissa, says in her docs irreconcilable differences as the reason to end their partnership.

Tammy Lynn Michaels blogs about Melissa Etheridge

Team Tammy or Team Melissa? For those who gossip about the lives of other parents, this was blogged by Tammy Lynn Michaels (M. Etheridge’s ex – and mother to one set Etheridge’s twins): “SMACK! FILE FOR DIVORCE! even though we both promised agreed handshook pinkyswore; no filing until after tour in the fall; her broken promises told to me by headlines; i’m raising the kids doing what i can; second set of yours…” Melissa has two other children that she co-parents with Julie Cypher.

Past blog entries by Michaels include: “it didn’t work out; you evolved you needed to be happy – but really… you withdrew your hands from family and intimacy to pluck those strings more; i’d rather hear 10,000 fans screaming my name in worship than hear my wife harp on me about my family intimacy issues too, you know?”