Facebook campaign for gay kiss on ‘Modern Family’

Fans of ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ are hoping a member-generated campaign will help gay dads Cam and Mitchell show a simple sign of affection shared by every loving couple in the world – a kiss.

That’s the idea behind a new Facebook group to influence the producers of ABC’s ‘Modern Family.’ The group – called ‘Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family!’ – was launched because Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), the gay couple on the hit sitcom, have never kissed, yet Mitchell’s sister Claire (Julie Bowen) and her hubby Phil (Ty Burrell) have.

‘Modern Family’

ABC has tapped into gay parenting with its comedy called Modern Family – Wednesdays 9/8c.

It stars Ed O’Neill [Married… with Children] as the patriarch of a family.

O’Neill plays Jay Pritchett, who’s married to a younger Colombian woman and has a teenage stepson.

Jay’s grown kids from his first marriage each have families of their own.

His son [Jesse Tyler Ferguson] has just adopted a Vietnamese baby with his partner [Eric Stonestreet], and his daughter is married [to a hilarious slacker] with teenagers.

The show is presented in the mockumentary format that’s helped ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ – without a laugh track. WARNING: no stereotype is spared from the storylines.

Here’s a funny clip – from Episode 5 – in which Jay asks Jesse and his partner to rate his looks:

Watch this clip – from Episode 2 – featuring an overachieving dad in a mommy-and-me class. Unfortunately the scene also includes one of the dads pigeonholed as a dancing queen:

This clip introduces the new dads: