Equality Florida hand-delivers an important message to Obama about gay adoption

Nadine Smith, leader of Equality Florida, hand-delivered a message to President Obama which asks him to ban adoption discrimination in the state. HuffPost reports: “For a few moments last week, the President carried in his pocket a picture of two boys standing in front of the White House… The boys are at the heart of a lawsuit that could – and should – end the ugliest anti-gay state law in the country.” On any given Wednesday, judges in the case will determine their fate. Florida law bans gay people from providing homes to children who would otherwise be without a family of their own.

During the White House Pride Reception, Nadine Smith of Equality Florida slipped the picture with a note into the Presidents hand and asked him to help ensure the family isn’t torn apart the state of Florida’s bigotry.

Florida’s gay adoption ban in front of state appeals court

Florida’s strict ban on adoptions by gay people is going before a state appeals court.

The state is appealing a Miami-Dade judge’s November 2008 ruling that the law is unconstitutional. The ruling came in the case of Martin Gill [pictured], who along with his partner has adopted two young boys. The appeals court is hearing oral arguments today in Miami.

State attorneys contend the judge essentially legislated from the bench and that state lawmakers should decide the matter. Attorneys for Gill and the two boys say the judge was expected to review the facts in detail before making her decision.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which is representing Gill, calls Florida’s gay adoption ban the broadest such law in the nation.