Readers respond to CNN’s ‘Gary & Tony Have a Baby’

Public comments received by CNN regarding “Gary and Tony Have a Baby” range from supportive to disenchanted. “Whether they are gay as a couple, or gay as a single parent — as long as they love and nourish that child it will make absolutely no difference. Compared to the atrocious things that we read here on CNN about what parents do to their children, being raised by a gay parent will be a blessing,” says one reader. “I work in a medical clinic and believe me, the large number of gay people/couples that we see are a helluva lot more ‘normal’ (and pleasant) than the straight people/couples!”

CNN asked the following questions of its viewers: How do you feel about gay couples having a family? Should they be allowed to adopt and be foster parents? What if you had a gay member of your family and they decided to have a baby through adoption, surrogacy or sperm donor? How would you react to it?

Gay parenting featured in CNN special: ‘Gary and Tony Have a Baby’

Soledad O’Brien is hosting a special for CNN which focuses on gay men becoming parents via surrogacy. ‘Gary and Tony Have a Baby’ follows Gary Spino and Tony Brown in their journey toward parenthood. CNN says, “They want the most traditional thing anyone can want – marriage and a baby. Follow their journey as they struggle against the legal and personal obstacles – can these two men achieve a life as mainstream as their parents?”

Watch Soledad O’Brien’s “In America” report: “Gary and Tony Have a Baby,” June 24 at 8 p.m. ET