NCLR settles same-sex parent custody dispute

National Center for Lesbian Rights [NCLR] announced the resolution of the custody dispute between Kim Smith and Maggie Quale in Santa Cruz, California.

According to NCLR – while in a committed relationship for over two years – Smith and Quale had twins together using donated sperm. The couple paid a sperm donor $540 for his donation from their joint bank account. They had twins, and raised them together for approximately six months before breaking up.

The dispute arose when the couple separated and Quale – who had given birth to the twins – challenged Smith’s parental rights. And then Quale asked the sperm donor to file a paternity action, and move in with her and the twins!

“Kim and Maggie are working hard to rebuild trust and are returning their focus to the care of their children,” said Deborah Wald, one of the attorneys, along with NCLR, who represented Smith.

Under the settlement, both women are recognized as legal parents of their twins.