GLBT-friendly children’s books

Karen Muller – from American Libraries Magazine – helps an elementary teacher who is preparing for a new program:

The teacher asks: “We are beginning an outreach program to address issues of gender in the pre K-3 grade classroom. We are looking for material for early readers that is particularly adept at portraying non-stereotypical gender roles and that addresses LGBT issues in age appropriate ways. Can you guide me to any resources, book lists, etc.?”

Karen’s response: “A good starting place is with the various recommended reading lists, or award-winning books, prepared by several divisions and other units of the American Library Association. A guide to these has been prepared as ALA Library Fact Sheet 23: Recommended Reading. Two awards, in particular, address your particular needs: the Stonewall Awards and the Rainbow Project. We have gathered additional resources for services to Gay Populations on the ALA Library’s Professional Tips Wiki.