Marriage equality would help children

While making little sense at all, the head of a New York-based think tank testified that marriage equality helps children, but weakens the meaning of marriage. The AP reports: David Blankenhorn, president of the New York-based Institute for American Values, took the stand Tuesday as the second and final expert witness for the ban’s sponsors. Their lawyers are trying to prove that the voter-approved initiative, known as Proposition 8, serves a legitimate public purpose.

Blankenhorn faced an exhaustive and frequently biting cross-examination from David Boies, a lead lawyer for two same-sex couples suing to overturn the 2008 ballot measure as a violation of their constitutional rights. Boies tried to discredit Blankenhorn by getting him to acknowledge that his advanced degree is in comparative labor history and that he has not conducted any independent research on same-sex marriage.

“I have read articles and had conversations with people and tried to be an informed person about it, and that really has been the extent of it,” he said.

Psychologist: Children do fine with gay parents

The AP reports:

A Cambridge University psychologist testifying in a federal trial on California’s same-sex marriage ban says children raised by same-sex parents are as well-adjusted as children raised by a mother and father.

Developmental psychologist Michael Lamb also said Friday that many children with two mothers or two fathers would thrive even more if their parents were able to get married.

Lamb’s testimony is being used in an attempt to undercut arguments by Proposition 8’s sponsors that restricting marriage to a man and woman can be justified by the need to foster procreation and to make sure that children are raised by their biological parents.

Prop 8 supporter: Activists would try to legalize sex with children

The AP also reports:

Seeking to strengthen arguments against a ban on same-sex marriage, trial attorneys have introduced statements from a supporter of California’s ban warning voters in 2008 that gay rights activists would try to legalize sex with children if same-sex couples had the right to wed.

A defendant in the case said, “On their agenda list is: legalize having sex with children,” and “other states would fall into Satan’s hands” if gays weren’t stopped from marrying in California.

“Prop 8 – The Musical” starring Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black

The Proposition 8 battle has prompted a star-studded music video that’s available at FunnyorDie.com.

Written by Marc Shaiman and directed by Adam Shankman, the piece shows gay marriage backers and foes debating the issue in song against the backdrop of a Sacramento community college theater. John C. Reilly and Allison Janney lead the gay marriage foes. The anti-Prop. 8 crowd includes Neil Patrick Harris and Margaret Cho.

Cast (in order of appearance): California Gays and The People That Love Them, Jordan Ballard, Margaret Cho, Barrett Foa, J.B. Ghuman, John Hill, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, Rashad Naylor, Nicole Parker, Proposition 8’ers and The People That Follow Them, Prop 8 Leader – John C. Reilly, Prop 8 Leader’s #1 Wife – Allison Janney, Prop 8 Leader’s #2 Wife – Kathy Najimy, Riffing Prop 8’er – Jenifer Lewis, A Preacher – Craig Robinson, Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell – Rashida Jones, Lake Bell, Sarah Chalke, The Frightened Villagers – Katharine “Kooks” Leonard, Seth Morris, Denise “Esi!” Piane, Lucian Piane, Richard Read, Seth Redford, Quinton Strack, Tate Taylor, Brunson Green, Jesus Christ – Jack Black, A Very Smart Fellow – Neil Patrick Harris, Piano Player – Marc “Marc” Shaiman

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