First national survey of kids born via artificial insemination

Over 200 lesbian parents and their offspring have completed the first ever national survey of artificial reproductive technology [ART] kids – conducted by Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere [COLAGE]. The survey asks about donor relationship, talking to offspring about their donor, and situations in which authorities are unaware and/or unaccommodating to lesbian and gay families.

Change.org reports says, “Survey responses demonstrate that many parents are concerned about legal problems. For lesbians lucky enough to live in D.C. or one of the eight states that allow a second adult (the non-biological mom in this case) to adopt her partner’s child, both moms can have parenting rights. In other states, however, even family members visiting each other in the emergency room could be against the law. Many respondents also expressed concerns that the donor whose sperm is used in the artificial insemination might sue for custody.”

COLAGE research fellow – Jeff DeGroot – wants to use information from the survey to help write a “how to” guide about talking to ART kids while using age-appropriate language.

He also emphasized the importance of kids knowing that there’s other “gaybies” out there.

Image: Change.org