Nevada domestic partner registration opens

The Las Vegas Sun profiles Carline and Jodie – and their three kids – one of nearly 700 families receiving Nevada’s first domestic partnership certificates.

“…the oldest daughter, 17-year-old Brenna, is living with relatives in Boise, where she hopes to go to college. Nathan, 14, is a high school freshman who practices karate and is on the cross country team. Thirteen-year-old Dakota competes in pageants, is a cheerleader, dances and plays in the middle school orchestra. The other schoolchildren and the teachers know about Carline and Jodie — after all, they’re field trip chaperones. It hasn’t been a problem.”

Last spring Nevada’s Legislature debated a domestic partner bill- introduced by state Sen. David Parks, D-Las Vegas.

The legislation will not overturn Nevada’s same-sex marriage ban, but it will make Nevada the 10th state with either domestic partnerships or civil unions. It will be a legal document for families to show doctors and employers.


Nevada couples can start registering as domestic partners in advance of a new law that takes effect in October.

The Nevada secretary of state’s office planned to start taking applications on Monday.

Same- and opposite-sex couples who apply soon could receive their certificates of domestic partnership as early as Oct. 1.

That’s the day a new state law goes into effect extending rights similar to those held by married couples to cohabitating couples, whether gay or straight, who register.

Applications will be accepted at Secretary of State Ross Miller’s office. There is a $50 fee and the applications must be notarized.