Men Having Babies

‘Peer Advice on Working with Surrogacy Agencies’

The Facebook group called Men Having Babies / Planning Biological Parenthood offers a guide called ‘Peer Advice on Working with Surrogacy Agencies’.

The information includes appropriate expectations prospective parents should have regarding the role of surrogacy agencies.

The group says the agency should find and screen a gestational carrier (surrogate) for you; link you and the carrier with an outside IVF clinic; and offer a list of donor eggs to choose from.

“As soon an ultrasound shows a developing embryo [at about 10 weeks] the gestational carrier will be sent to the care of her personal obstetrician. The IVF clinic contact ends at that point, and you work directly with the gestational carrier and her OB.

“Just before the baby is born, the Surrogacy Agency starts the legal processes for correct names to be on the birth certificate and later, if necessary, coordinates the second-parent adoption process in your state if that is possible there.”

The group also says the process takes about 18 months from start to finish.

Read the entire ‘Peer Advise on Working with Surrogacy Agencies‘ [in .pdf].

Men Having Babies / Planning Biological Parenthood is comprised of gay men hoping to become parents through surrogacy, as well as those who are already parents and can provide support and advice.

According to its description: “The core of this online group is an actual support group that meets in New York monthly. However, men from other locations are also welcome.” Membership to the online group requires approval.