Family with lesbian moms participates in new CBS reality show

A new reality show from CBS, There Goes the Neighborhood, premiered on August 9. Eight families in a suburban neighborhood are walled off from the rest of the neighborhood [and all forms of communication with the outside world] in order to compete for upgrades to their homes and lives, and to win the grand prize of $250,000.

A lesbian family competes as one of the participating families [pictured].

Most of the family has lived in the neighborhood for the past 11 years. Over a year ago, mom Chris added her partner Renee to the mix. Chris is raising one biological son from a previous marriage and is also raising her nephews after their parents were killed in an accident.

The 7-episode series that has 20 foot walls enclosing a Kennesaw, Georgia neighborhood as families vote to eliminate each other.

There Goes the Neighborhood airs each Sunday at 9 PM.