United Kingdom: Sister acts as surrogate to help brother and partner become dads

The Argus reports that a sister has acted as a surrogate to help her brother and his partner [pictured], who are both policemen, become fathers.

Mother-of-three Lorna Bradley, 31, volunteered to have their baby when her brother Steven Ponder, 28, revealed a desire to start a family with Ivan Sigston, 48.

Both men were present when Mrs. Bradley gave birth to William Campbell Ponder-Sigston at her home last month.

It was said that no fee was paid to Mrs. Bradley, who had the baby with the consent of her husband. A friend said it was done out of sisterly love.

A spokesman for Surrogacy UK told the newspaper: “We wish this couple all the best, but under the law it is not a proper surrogacy arrangement. That involves the couple applying for a parental order within six months of the child’s birth. At present, same-sex couples cannot apply for a parental order but have to go through the adoption process. As only Lorna’s name is on the birth certificate, she is William’s legal guardian.”